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Well, here we go again.  CyberDefender, (a known malware and rogueware company), has brought up a new website called  This new website wants you to call them and let them take control of your computer.  Then they hope to sell you a “protection package” to help keep your computer “clean” and fast.  It’s funny how this new website has the same photographs of “actual users”, that the other CyberDefender television ads and websites use.  Here’s my other posts, Antivirus Scams & More Malware Scams, about the different websites and scams this company perpetrates on unsuspecting computer users.

WARNING: Avoid these scam artists at all costs.  If your computer is infected with viruses, spyware, and rogueware, the last thing you should do is be on the Internet!  Unplug your computer and use a “clean” computer to download tools that will help you get clean.  Here’s a list of some of the best FREE tools out there on the Internet:

There are a host of other tools that you can find on the Internet, but these two, (IMHO) are the best.

We these two tools, you should be able to get most Windows based system clean.  It has been my experience, (over 20 years of repairing computers), that some Windows based viruses become so embeded in the operating system, that your computer may need to be “wiped and reloaded”.  Wiped & Reloaded means to back up your data and settings, (not programs), reinstall the operating system, (and all the patches that it needs), reinstall a reliable Antivirus program, and restore your data and settings.  I have seen shops that charge upwards of $250 to do all this, but when I had a repair shop in Colorado, I would charge $90 to do this even though sometimes it took 5 or 6 hours to complete the job.  (I still have a friend in Colorado that does this for $75 even today).

Here is a just a short list of articles about CyberDefender:

Keep your system “clean” by doing operating system updates on a weekly timetable, update your antivirus software every day, and scanning everything that comes into your computer, such as downloaded programs, emails, USB drives, CD’s, etc.  Being vigilant will keep your computer clean and safe, easier to get clean if and when your computer does get infected.


  1. Thank You for the “Heads Up” on
    & CyberDefender.
    I also appreciate the info on the free tools. I am so glad that I looked before I decided to leap!
    Have a great day!!!

    1. Pamela,

      If I saved one person from dealing with this company, then the post was well worth it. Tell all your friends to avoid this company also. Here’s to safe and happy computing!


  2. Last year I bought Software from and was not happy about. This year wrote to me, that my subscription would be renewed in 7 days if I did not cancel. I send two messages to them that I want to cancel my subscription, but they just renewed it! Since then, I have sent 2 e-mails more to USTechSupport and asked them to stop my subscription and return my money. I have not received a reply to one of my e-mails. Even if I call them, nothing happens. Now I have closed my credit card so it does not happen again next year. I can’t recommend buying anything from them.

    1. Make copies of the emails to and from ustechsupport, go to your credit card company and file a fraudulent charge report on them. Let the bank or credit card company investigate.

      Hope this helps get your money back. It will also help you avoid any backlash from ustechsupport if the try to come against you for any other fees.

  3. Wish I had seen this first. I never would have contacted them. I would also add that if they have contacted one of the alias Clean My PC, Clean My Mac, Max My Speed and several others, that they go to their control panel>software and look for a downloaded program titled and un-install it as I found this on my computer 2 months after I had gone to their site.

  4. ustechsupport just took out $39.98 out of my account. I have never signed up with them. I have no idea how they got my bank information. I just cancelled my cards and filed a complaint.

  5. I used to be employed by this company. Do not buy or purchase anything from them. It is a scam. Even upon hire, Us, as trainees were lied to by our trainers. They stated that we were going to be strictly performing “Customer Service” which is even stated in our job title. Let it be known that that was but 1 percent of our actual work. Our real job was upselling clients that had bought software. They called in to “activate” it even though an activation code had been sent to their email. They are then scared into purchasing tech support because of the sheer amount of “issues” the software would find. Those issues are pure fabrication, some of the issues are actually critical windows registry keys that may stop the function of certain programs on your pc. If you think that you have the slightest chance of getting a refund for the tech support, even if they can’t fix the issue (which is almost always true) you are wrong. You might get up to half of what you payed. EVEN if they said that they couldn’t fix it. Terrible software, no ethics, and all around shit for tech support. By the way, most of the techs are located in India FYI. So if you know anyone who has “Livetech” “PC Optimizer” “Registry Cleaner” “Early Detection Center” tell them to remove it now! If they have tech support, cancel it. Get your money back while you can no matter how little it is. Those techs WILL break your computer. They will leave you helpless and broke. There are no morals. They are ruthless cut throat sales people bent on taking your money. I was once one of them. Don’t do it. Instead take a computer class. Most of the things stores and companies like this tell you are fabricated any way. I don’t use any kind of “optimizer” and my computer is 5 years old. No issues, and it runs like new. Good luck, its a cold digital storm outside.

    -A disgruntled ex employee

  6. I worked for a company that ustechsupport out sources tech help to in California. ustechsupport is no longer cyberdefender it is owned by guthy renker (the proactive ppl). Now as far as the customer service ppl and billing they suck and they do do some shady things to ppl when it comes to acquiring new sales and not canceling sales. Like rebilling ppl that want to cancel. They do this to get the commission for a sale. But the tech support guys are good and if you have problems they will likely fix the issue I worked there 1year through my last year in college during the change over from cyber to guthy and so many customers appreciate the work but I do agree that the billing issues should be fixed. And Murray you or someone with access to your card probably bought the software like my clean PC or double my speed software because the tech support is 199 then 19/month the software is only thing that is 39.98


    1. I have also worked there, and their shit is very much a scam. The only ligit thing about them was the live tech support they had in Cali. The people I worked with knew what was going on and did everything they could to make sure that the people we worked with had proper tech support for the money they paid, but not a single one of us agreed with the software we had to support or the way they tricked people into buying the software and even the live tech. I had to work my way through school, and they were very flexable with my schedule, and I would only recommend them to people if they dealt with the guys in my building, but other than that they suck big time.

  7. Unfortunately, I purchase a 1-year license for CyberDefender and had nothing but slowdowns and conflicts the entire time I had it installed. When I uninstalled it my computer returned to its previous good form. Just today I received an e-mail from stating that they would be charging me for another year of service in a week. I will be calling them to order them NOT to charge me, and I will tell them how crappy this software is. I am disgusted at what I’ve read here from other reviewers and how the company treats its “customers.” Epitome of a bad company to deal with.

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