Monthly Archives: June 2010

Vacation Rental Website Development

In addition to our own websites,  BITS specializes in creating websites for the vacation rental home market.  An example of our work is Tree House Hot Springs.

We would be happy to create any website, (from one page to many pages), for your vacation rental house or cabin.  We can even “host”, (store) the webpages under one of our servers.  Hosting costs start as little as $99 a year, (1 year minimum), and includes 2 email accounts.

Contact us for more information, anytime.

WordPress Theme Design

Even though our most recent update to the main website is done with Dreamweaver, we are slowly transitioning all of our websites over to WordPress.  The mobile version of is done with WordPress and a theme downloaded from the website.

Although you can download numerous free WordPress themes from all sorts of websites, we decided to create our own “Themes”.

We are creating “FREE” WordPress templates that anyone can download and use, (as long as they give BITS the credit for the design).  Check back often for new templates.

Windows 7 “Upgrades”

Over the last few months, I have been transitioning our production computers over to various Windows 7 configurations.  Currently we have two desktop production computers, both running 64 bit versions of Windows 7.  One is running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and the other is running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.  Both of these systems had Windows XP on them, but with the security issues of running an “old” OS, we decided to upgrade everything running Windows XP.  I “upgraded” both desktop computers to 4GB of RAM, prior to doing a clean install of Windows 7.

In addition to the two desktop production computers, we also have two Windows 7 laptops, one running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit and the other laptop running the 32bit version.  Both run Windows 7 with 2GB of RAM on board very smoothly, and I think better than they did on Windows XP.  All of the computers were “upgraded” doing a clean install.

I upgraded our Acer netbook from Windows XP Home to Easy Peasy today, so that we don’t have to worry about Windows XP security issues on it anymore.

Easy Peasy

A couple of days ago, I was on Distrowatch and noticed a Linux distribution called Easy Peasy.  It’s a distro that’s specifically written for netbooks using Ubuntu 8.04.  Since we have a netbook laying around, I decided to give Easy Peasy a try.  After downloading the ISO and downloading the installer for a USB stick, and I booted the netbook, ( an Acer 8.9″, about 1 1/2 years old, with an Intel Atom 1.6ghz cpu and 1GB of RAM).  It ran fine straight from the USB stick, even finding our wireless network, so I thought about installing it on the hard drive.

Today, I backed up some pictures that Carolyn had stored on the netbook, (it was running Windows XP Home).  I stuck the USB stick back into a USB slot, and booted the OS up, and installed it to the hard drive.  Easy Peasy has an extremely smooth install process, and I was finished in about 10 minutes.  I rebooted the netbook, removing the USB stick, and was really impressed by how fast the boot times off the hard drive are.  After customizing the “look and feel” of the interface, I surfed my favorite websites using the preinstalled Firefox.

Easy Peasy has done a great job remastering Ubuntu to run on a netbook.  I give this distro a solid 2 thumbs up!

Living with RA

I was diagnosed in June of 1996 with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I don’t pretend to know how everyone with RA feels, and will only tell you about my own experiences with this disease.  My RA started out with a stiff and swollen finger. This came and went without concern for more than two years.  An episode with the swollen finger progressed to several fingers being involved and lasted for several weeks and spread to my wrist and other joints becoming stiff or sore.  I went to the Doctor and was diagnosed with a blood test.

In the summer of 2004 my husband was replacing some shingles on the roof of our detached garage and when he finished he complained about his feet really hurting. I thought the pain was coming from his toes being bent, standing on the pitched roof,  but after a day or two his feet were OK.  A couple of months later he start complaining about his wrists hurting.  At the time, Walt was building a lot of custom computers for our business, (ICE Computer) and used his hands in a twisting manner.

After repeated flareups with his wrists he went to the doctor several times and asked if it was arthritis, thinking it was osteoarthritis from wear and tear.  In his younger days he was an ASE certified mechanic and had also done construction work for a long time, but the doctor was convinced he had carpel tunnel syndrome.  After six weeks of self paid hand and wrist therapy he had no improvement.  Finally it dawned on us that maybe he should be tested for RA, so he insisted on the RA factor blood test and lo and behold it was positive.  Not all people with RA will show positive on the blood test, but all people with a positive test do have RA.

I now tell everyone I meet that has similar complaints to have the RA factor blood test as a precaution.  The moral of the story is sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands and become more pro active in your own medical care.